3D Memorial Angel Wings SVG and Tutorial


Memorial Angel wings shadow box keepsake

3D Memorial Angel Wings SVG and Tutorial

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Today I will show you how to put together my 3D Memorial Angel Wings SVG! I was inspired to design this memorial keepsake for a dear friend who lost her father recently.  Losing loved ones is so painful and I can’t help but to create a keepsake to honor and remember the wonderful moments they had with that person. So I decided this is a great project to share with you, so that you may honor and remember your loved ones that passed as well!

free svg 3D angel wings memorial shadow box
Here is what you will need to create your keepsake!

My SVG design is meant to be used with cardstock and is perfectly sized for a 9×9 shadow box.  The wings have eight layers that you can change the colors to fit your project!
Open up Design Space and upload the SVG file type! If you need help with finding the SVG in the Zip folder look here!

free svg 3D angel wings memorial shadow box


Next upload your favorite picture of your loved one.  This should be a nice quality jpeg. Click on complex image for the program to capture every detail. Then click continue.

free svg 3D angel wings memorial shadow box


You may edit image if needed. Then save as a Print & Cut image.

free svg 3D angel wings memorial shadow box


Import both, 3D Memorial SVG and picture into your canvas.  Then “UNGROUP” the SVG.
For the picture you will want to scale it down to 3 inches tall (height).

free svg 3D angel wings memorial shadow box


Next, “UNGROUP” the hearts. Move the light gray smaller heart over your picture, then select both layers and click “SLICE”. You will end up with your picture in the shape of a heart. You may delete the scraps.

free svg 3D angel wings memorial shadow box


Now it is time to personal your text. Click on the group “In loving memory of my” and click “ATTACH”. Next, add a title of your loved one. (Dad, Mom, Grandpa, Grandma etc).  I used the font Franklin Gothic Heavy (size 72pt) for the title and Franklin Gothic Demi Cond (size 24pt) for the In loving memory part.
To curve your title, like DAD, you will use the curve tool along the top. Make sure you have your text selected, then slide the dot over to the right until it fits nice on the ribbon, and click “ATTACH”.
If you would like to add their name and dates under the title, make a new text box with your type tool and use Franklin Gothic Demi Cond (size 24pt). Then make sure to “ATTACH” once typed out.  I used black 651 vinyl for my wording.

free svg 3D angel wings memorial shadow box


Now you are ready to click MAKE IT! You will print and cut your image. I printed on matte photo paper, and turned on System Dialog to change my print setting to high. After print drys, set dial to CARDSTOCK+ and cut.
Once you cut everything out on your Cricut machine, I like to organize my layers in order that they will stack in. One wing will have a total of 6 layers.

free svg 3D angel wings memorial shadow box


Take your foam tape and cut tiny strips. and place them on the back of the wings. I start with the back piece and work my way up!

free svg 3D angel wings memorial shadow box


Here is the process so far with the bottom 3 layers stacked. (On the left).

free svg 3D angel wings memorial shadow box


Here is the left wing finished.  Do the same to the right wing, make sure  you stack it mirrored to the left wing.

free svg 3D angel wings memorial shadow box


After weeding your text, I apply the title to the white part of the ribbon and stack the outline on top of that.
Use foam tape to layer the picture over the larger heart.

free svg 3D angel wings memorial shadow box

Take apart your shadow box and position your wings on the backing and use foam tape or hot glue to adhere. Next use foam tape to add the ribbon over the wings.  Do the same to place the heart towards the bottom of the wings.
free svg 3D angel wings memorial shadow box

Now you can put the shadow box back together to apply the rest of the text over the front glass piece.
And you are done! I really hope you enjoyed this Memorial project!
free svg 3D angel wings memorial shadow box

New Video Tutorial

Watch this video on YouTube!


Darn! This SVG is no longer Free! You can find it in my Shop!

Memorial Angel wings shadow box keepsake

New Updated Design

Design comes with a thicker outline to make assembly easy! Click on image or visit my Etsy Shop to purchase, comes with both designs and a commercial license for your small business! You can purchase it in my SHOP!

3d angel wings mandala svg

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free svg 3D angel wings memorial shadow box

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46 Responses to “3D Memorial Angel Wings SVG and Tutorial

  • Jessica Brown
    3 years ago

    I have a Cricut Maker, does that make a difference if i want to download your Svg?

  • Crystal
    3 years ago

    Would this be sturdy enough to send through the mail?

    • All depends how you package it. The shadow box has glass so you would need bubble wrap and a box with fillers.
      As for assembly of the svg design make sure you use hot glue to adhere it to the shadow box.

  • Thank you for sharing this lovely svg file!

  • Saada Deis
    3 years ago

    if we use shadow box 11x 14 how big do we use the card stock or cut out the wings please ?

    • You can resize the longest side to 10 inches. Keep the scale on lock to make sure everything stays proportioned. If you need more help send me a private email.

  • saada deis
    3 years ago

    thank you so much

  • Brandie Barnes
    3 years ago

    As soon as I saw this, I literally teared up. I’ve just had 2 anniversaries of very special people in my life and can’t wait to make this. Thank you, not only is this design gorgeous, all I’ve seen so far are. Plus I love the tutorials that do with them

  • Very beautiful, would love to make one for my husband.

  • Traci Barker-Ball
    3 years ago

    Thanks so much for the free file for angel wings. I just made the shadow box for a friend and I loved how it turned out!

  • Will be trying to download your SVG for the memorial angel wings. Which file will give me all the parts to use on design space. This is a gift for someone.

    • Thanks for visting my page…The SVG file will have all the layers. Look for the file that has .svg at the end.

  • Carol Murdock
    3 years ago

    Thank you so much. I look forward to making this.

  • What is the difference between joy and circuit vinyl

    • Cricut Joy vinyl is sized smaller to fit through the Joy machine. Cricut Explore and Maker can cut bigger up to 12 inches wide.

  • Shelly Ruelland
    3 years ago

    Im new at this and i never made a shadow box before. From what im seeing, The 1st piece is print and cut and the rest are all cut. How do i get black on my wings if im using white cardstock. I thought the printer would do them then the cricut would cut them. Im totally confused 🙁

    • Hello, only the heart picture of your loved one is print and cut. The black wording is adhesive vinyl, the wings, banner, and bigger heart are all cardstock. you can choose what ever colors you like. I’m not too sure what black color you are talking about for the wings, mine are a mixture of white gray and silver. If you need more help and have visuals, please send me a private email and I can help you further.

  • Barbara
    3 years ago

    I tried to download the wings svg and all I got was a bunch of dos text. No SVG file. I shared the post and also followed you.

  • Autumn Hassett
    3 years ago

    Can this be done in vinyl? I’m new to all of this.

  • Suhasini
    3 years ago

    Absolutely gorgeous❤️ I made it all white except the first layer which I chose peach.. I made this for myself in memory of my dear sister, what an amazing talent you have🥰 God bless you❤️

  • adrianne allen
    3 years ago

    hi im having a hard time finding the pink download button

    • It’s right above where it says PLEASE READ in the gray box, by my signature tOXO

  • Tabitha Lynn Foret
    2 years ago

    Ill try to make this as short and not weepy. I had a dear friend get murdered in October. I was so so angry. I had never tried paper cutting. I knew i had to focus this anger though. It took me 6 weeks to finish this. If I was too angry, i would rip it. If I was too upset, i would rip it. Probably went through 100 sheets of card stock. I gave the finished gift to his mother today. I am not completely over the anger, but this definetly helped.

    • First off let me just say how sorry I am for your loss! And for you to channel your anger into crafting and not towards loved ones is amazing!! Struggling with a loss is extremely painful but I would say you are grieving the healthy way! I’m so humbled my design helped for a well 🙏. Prayers for you and his family!!

  • hello, I’m really looking forward to using your design with my new circuit maker but the zip-file doesnt contain the svg file as indicated in post. I am using google chrome to download the file. Can you please offer some advice. Also my cricuit maker says the .dxf file is too large.

    • Hi thanks for visiting, sometimes on Microsoft Pc Computers will convert the SVG file into a internet HTML Doc. File during the download process. However that HTML DOC file will work just like a svg. I explain this more on my Q&A TROUBLESHOOT PAGE that is linked on every post.

  • Melodee
    2 years ago

    Hi, I am in the process of making one for my sister, for our Mom, and for a close friend, for her Dad. Yesterday another close friend called to tell me she lost her Dad. I am so sad and am now making 3 at the same time. I have made some mistakes but I have also learned some new tricks. I am new to this. I got a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas so had to learn how to do the photograph into a heart and curve text on my own. Go me! Thanks so much for this beautiful design!

    • That’s awesome! I’m clueless when it comes to Silhouettes, and your so thoughtful for making these for your family and friends. It definitely takes patience.

  • Niki WOODS
    2 years ago

    Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful design. It is very kind of you. I will make three of them in memory of my son, and give his brother and sister each one. Blessings to you.

  • when i upload the svg and put it in my canvas it makes hundreds of little layers what am i doing wrong

    • The wings should be one piece ready to cut with the SVG. However I heard if you don’t have the Designer Edition for Silhouette then it is extremely difficult to group each layer, since the 6 layer wings are stacked directly on top of each other. The basic Edition doesn’t keep each layer as one piece. I work in DesignSpace only so not sure about Silhouette machines. This is just what I read when researching this problem. In Designer Edition and DesignSpace keeps the SVG layers in one piece.

  • Christy Davis
    2 years ago

    The banner with dad on it is card stock? It looks clear to me ?

    • Clear? I don’t believe cardstock can be clear. Unless you use transparent flim.
      But my banner, yes is cardstock. It is 2 pieces of cardstock, bottom layer is white cardstock and the top layer is an outline of the banner which is gray cardstock, then I use black vinyl for the word DAD.

  • Wish you had a video with this! Any possibility of that happening? Your Photo tutorials are awesome here but for “visual” learners a vid would be awesome!

  • Melissa Padgett
    2 years ago

    I’m just beginning so I’m just checking everything out, you have some awesome designs

  • Hello, I am having issues in design space not letting me ungroup the the angel wing svg. Any ideas what I could be doing wrong would greatly be appreciated. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  • Shalane
    2 years ago

    I was just wondering what the weight is of the card stock?
    Thank you!

  • Tracie Davies
    1 year ago

    Hi I have purchased this sgv and I can’t find how to download it

    • Login to your account > orders> then click on the text link of the file

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