Floral Mexican Pattern SVG Wrap Vinyl Tutorial

Encanto inspired Floral Mexican Cup Wrap, mexican embroidery svg

Floral Mexican Embroidery Style SVG Wrap | Vinyl Tutorial 

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Hey crafting buddies, I have a fun colorful SVG wrap for you! It’s a floral pattern inspired from Mexican Embroidery and I created it into a SVG Wrap for you to use with layered vinyl.  I am absolutely obsessed with this design, and I’m currently giving myself a pat on the back!

I was also inspired to do this design after my daughters watched the Disney Movie Encanto for the hundredth time!  I loved all the colorful clothing with florals! It reminded me of the Mexican Embroidery patterns called Tenangos.

I designed this Mexican Floral Pattern for the 16oz Beer Can Glass, it has seven different colors and I added registration marks to make it easy to layer together! You can also buy these glass cup that come with bamboo lids, so you can take your cup on the go! Keep in mind not all of these 16oz beer can glasses are the same dimensions. This wrap is designed for a 16 oz glass that is 5.2-5.3 inches tall.

Here is a supply picture of what I used below.

Supply List:

Encanto inspired Floral Mexican Cup Wrap, mexican embroidery svg

Layering these many colors can look a bit challenging but if you take your time and do a section at a time, you will get this multi-layered decal down!  Please watch my video tutorial below for full instructions and tips.

Encanto inspired Floral Mexican Cup Wrap, mexican embroidery svg

Below is a visual of the order you layer the decal, with navy blue on the bottom and yellow being the top layer.  You can use this as reference when layering your decal.

Encanto inspired Floral Mexican Cup Wrap, mexican embroidery svg

Please watch my tutorial video below if you are new to layering vinyl. This SVG wrap does look a little bit challenging but if you are used to cutting vinyl it will be easy peasy! My video will show you all the steps to making this Floral Mexican Wrap.

Inspired Floral Mexican Embroidery SVG Wrap

Encanto inspired Floral Mexican Cup Wrap, mexican embroidery svg

Inspired Mexican Embroidery Cup Wrap SVG

Tutorial Video:

Watch this video on YouTube!

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Encanto inspired Floral Mexican Cup Wrap, mexican embroidery svg

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4 Responses to “Floral Mexican Pattern SVG Wrap Vinyl Tutorial

  • Hi – Love this design! But the zip file I downloaded didn’t have an SVG file in it. Did I do something wrong?

    • Nope, it’s probably just your computer if your on a windows pc. It will show up as a Internet HTML doc. Use that file.

  • Mari Rodri
    1 year ago

    Definitely love this pattern and even though I’m new at Cricut crafting, I’m gonna try it.. the design is too beautiful to not try!
    Hey, just an correction… You said
    ” … I loved all the Mexican clothing with florals! Everything was so colorful and beautiful” but, the movie was based in Colombia, South America… They are Colombian patterns, not Mexican.
    I totally understand what you mean by the patterns and how they’re understood to be Mexican patterns, but i wanted to just clarify that.

    • Yes you are correct about the movie, i need to update my statement. They are very similar to the Mexican Embroidery patterns called Tenangos. Which is what I first think of when I saw their clothing! But I’m glad you understood what inspired me 😄

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