How to make a Professional Vinyl T-shirt using your Cutting Machine

How to make a Professional Vinyl T-shirt using your Cutting Machine

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Most crafters love making the next best thing, or just love to make their family and friends a gift for the holidays and birthdays. Whatever your intentions may be, I will let you how to make those professional looking shirts, that everyone else seems to be making.

Let me give you the inside to where I love to get my resources from.


When making a shirt I want to have the best fonts and SVG designs!

Creative Market Fonts

hungry jpeg fonts

Get this Font at Hungry JPEG

hungry jpeg font 1 dollar

Hungry Jpeg font 1 dollar

The two places I love to get my Fonts from are Hungry JPEG & Creative Market! They are by far the best places to get PAID FONTS from.  They also have freebies, so make sure to check out Hungry JPEG freebies and Creative Market freebies every week!

SVG Files 

I love to create my own files, I have a growing collection of FREE SVG Cut files. They are all free for personal use, if you would like to use the file for your home business then all you need to do is purchase a Commercial License for ONLY $2.  I also add a few new SVG designs weekly, so don’t forget to subscribe to my COFFEE & Crafts Club Newsletter to get the latest FREE SVG designs.


Now we have to get the supplies to actually make the physical shirt. I love to get my shirts and HTV from this awesome online store Happy Crafters! Check out their store, it has amazing deals that also let’s you rack up reward points and if your crafting as much as I am, it’s an amazing opportunity to save even more!

grey v neck tee from Happy Crafters 1

grey v neck tee from Happy Crafters

easyweed siser vinyl rolls from happy Crafters 2

easyweed siser vinyl rolls


They also have heat presses you should check out but if your not making them every week then a house hold iron will do!

Now you have everything you need to make that professional looking shirt, if you love doing it and are great at it you might want to start your own business! Why Not right!

WANT to make a professional mock up first, but don’t have the time? Check these awesome FREE MOCK UP images, (get a baby onesie HERE)!


I hope you enjoyed this list of useful resources and put them to use today!

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4 Responses to “How to make a Professional Vinyl T-shirt using your Cutting Machine

  • Shouldn’t it say “If my mouth doesn’t SAY it…”

    • Yes it should, I should let the font designer know. These images are from my affiliate partners. Thanks for letting know. ?

  • Brittany Bonton
    4 years ago

    How to you apply your vinyl to the shirt?

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