Mermaid Tail Bow | SVG & Template

UPDATE: Check out my Hair Bow Tutorial!!!

mermaid tail hair bow free svg and template

Mermaid Tail Bow |  SVG & Template

UPDATE: Check out my Hair Bow Tutorial!!!

Bow is pre-sized and ready to cut, no need to resize. 

Final size for mermaid bow is 4.5 inches wide.


Darn! This SVG is no longer Free! You can find it in my Shop!



27 Responses to “Mermaid Tail Bow | SVG & Template

  • thank you! This is absolutely adorable! I pinned it.

  • Bobbi Jo
    4 years ago

    Hi, it won’t let me open up the file! Anyway you can help me?!

    • Can I have a bit more information so I can help you? What device are you using? Were you able to download? To open file you must right click, hit unzip folder and extract files.

  • Bobbi Jo
    4 years ago

    I tried on my phone and then I went onto my laptop. I will try to unzip it later on. Thank you.

  • Bobbi Jo
    4 years ago

    I got it figured out. Thank you so much!

  • When I try to use the download link, I’m getting a database error, seems to not be happening to other download links, but this one for sure. Can you take a look?

  • Jennifer
    4 years ago

    Hello! I would love to make this for my daughters and I can’t download the file ?

    • I just checked the download seem to be fine. What is the error you are getting? Try opening in a new window and try again.

  • Kaitlin
    4 years ago

    Every time I try and download this items it states that there is a database error. Any Help?

  • Where did you get the mermaid fabric for this bow?

  • I am completely new to bow making on my Maker. Well to bows in general really. How do I put this together? Thank you.

  • where do you get the paper material to make this mermaid style bow??

  • Della Lopez
    4 years ago

    Hi it will not allow me to download the file, please help me thanks ?

    • What is the error message?

      • Della Lopez
        4 years ago

        It’s showing a bunch of codes and gibberish wording kinda like when you first start up a computer and it has all that jargon writing.

        • Okay sorry about that. That happens when you connect from a third party site, like Facebook. Please open link in your internet browser to complete download. Thanks

  • Did you design this shape yourself ?

  • I have been trying to download different versions of your hair bow svgs and all I get are errors. So disappointed!

    • Sorry to hear that. Have you read my troubleshoot tips?
      I advise my viewers to not download when they connect from an app. Like Facebook or pinterest. Those apps will block the download and give you a bunch of letters and numbers. If that was your error, please close all apps and open up an internet browser like chrome or safari. And try the download again. Hope this helps.

  • Adriana
    3 years ago

    Thank you so very much


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