Paper Christmas Crafts | DIY Layered Christmas Tree Mandala with Lights

Cricut Christmas craft, Paper Christmas Tree, Layered mandala SVG

Paper Christmas Crafts | DIY Layered Christmas Tree Mandala with Lights

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I have a wonderful Cricut Christmas craft for you this 2021 holiday season! My Layered Christmas Tree Mandala lights are the perfect DIY Christmas decorations.  I designed this holiday Christmas tree mandala, and then thought it would look great as a layered paper mandala craft!  Since my Christmas Tree Mandala has tons of holes, I thought it would be even better with lights shining through! And this is how I created my light up Christmas Tree Paper Mandala!

Paper Christmas Tree Mandala with lights

This Christmas tree craft is versatile to many other Christmas decoration ideas: You can keep the front side only and add it to a shadow box or frame.  Make a Christmas t-shirt with the top mandala layer. Or make Christmas Party Centerpieces.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to make this Layered Christmas Tree Mandala Light.  Please watch my video for the full detailed instructions.  My free Christmas Tree Mandala download comes with 4 different SVG cut files.  You will find a folder with ONE-SIDED trees, a 8.5″ skinny tree and a 10.5″ full tree. The other folder is for DOUBLE-SIDED trees, a 8.5″ skinny tree and a 10.5″ full tree, which is great for table centerpieces.  To download, scroll to the end of this post and click the pink download button.

Here is a list of supplies you will need:

To get started make sure you download my free Christmas tree mandala SVG, and upload the one-sided 8.5″ & 10.5″ Christmas tree SVG files.  If you need help uploading the SVG file type to Design Space please read my Q & A Page.

Insert the 10.5″ and 8.5″ tree into your canvas.  Resize SVG files if they do not upload correctly.  Design Space doesn’t always upload outside SVG files the correct size.  The full tree should be 10.5″ height and the skinny tree should be 8.5″ height.

Ungroup each SVG, select the rectangle base shape and ungroup again.

Select the two cut lines and change them to score lines. Select the two score lines and rectangle shape underneath and click attach.  If you don’t have a scoring stylus, you can delete this lines and I will show you later on in the post how to score them by hand.

Select it each layer to change the color to match your cardstock and cut on cardstock +. If you are using glitter cardstock make sure to set your dial to custom >glitter cardstock.

For my gray layers I’m using two 12×12 Champaign glitter cardstock.  For the top two mandala layers, I’m using Two 8.5×11 ivory cardstock and two white cardstock.  This will make two standing Christmas trees (8.5″ & 10.5″).

Cut out all your mats and weed off he excess.

how to make a paper christmas tree

Use foam dots to layer the three mandala tree layers together.

how to make a paper christmas tree

Add self-adhesive rhinestones to each hanging ornaments.

how to make a paper christmas tree

Here is how to score your base tabs by hand.  With a ruler, measure a half of an inch from the top and bottom and make a mark.  Do this to both sides. Then with your ruler line up the marks across from each other and more a score line with a sharp point.  And fold along the score lines.

how to make a paper christmas treehow to make a paper christmas tree

Apply glue to the outside surface of the tabs, glue them to the bottom inside of the front and back pieces of the tree.

how to make a paper christmas tree

Tape down your string lights to the back of the Mandala tree.  Then apply glue to the inside top point of the tree and seal it close to the back side of the tree.  Let each glue application dry for 5 mins before touching.

how to make a paper christmas tree

Stand up your tree light and your done! You created beautiful Christmas decorations that with light up your home!  I hope you enjoy my Christmas Tree Layered Mandala Craft!

layered Christmas tree mandala, free svg, cricut craft


Watch this video on YOUTUBE!

DIY Layered Christmas Tree Mandala with Lights SVG download

free christmas tree svg, mandala svgchristmas tree svg, mandala svg, Christmas crafts

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