DIY Barbie Party Decoration Ideas

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DIY Barbie party, Barbie Birthday ideas

DIY Barbie Party Decorations | Free SVG Cut File

It’s time to have a Barbie party! I want to share some Barbie party ideas with you, that I did for my daughter’s 6th birthday party! You can see her past birthday party themes here. With the new Barbie movie that just came out, you will probably see Barbie ideas everywhere, and here is no different.  If you found this post, then you are looking to plan the best Barbie party as well!

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The little details really go along way when planning a themed birthday party! So, I want to share some cute and easy Barbie decorations to help you make your Barbie party just as special.  However, whether you want to have a Barbie birthday party, Barbie bridal shower, or just a Barbie night, these Barbie ideas will be awesome to create!

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Barbie Party Ideas

Barbie Box Goodie Bags

First, I will show you how to create these Barbie themed goodie bags for your little party guest! They are colored gift bags from the Dollar Tree, made to look like Barbie boxes. See the full tutorial and free Bestie labels below.

Barbie party ideas, Barbie goodie bag

Barbie Box Cake Topper

Second, a Barbie party wouldn’t be complete without a cake topper! I will also show you how to personalize it in Cricut Design Space, for your Barbie party! I include this free Barbie cake topper SVG in the download too!

Barbie shaker cake topper, Barbie free svg

Barbie Box Photo Prop

Lastly, the Barbie box prop was a big hit for our party guest! It made a fun interaction for everyone to enjoy! See how I created my easy foldable Barbie box, with my tutorial below.  You can take my same Barbie box concept and create it the appropriate size you like.

DIY easy Barbie box, Birthday party decorations

Barbie Party Outfit

Hot pink is a must to wear for a Barbie party! My daughter’s party was also a pool party, so I chose for us to wear matching hot pink swimsuits with silver metallic shorts! Below you can find a list of Barbie party gear I order from Amazon!

Barbie Box Goodie Bags

Here is a list of supplies you will need to create these Barbie box goodie bags.

  • Cricut machine
  • Small Pink Gift bags
  • Clear Treat bags
  • Blade and Ruler
  • Small piece of cardboard (for protection)
  • Wooden Box or a 3×5 inch template (to trace)
  • Pink Highlighter
  • Bestie label and Thank You label (free in download)\
  • Candy and treats
Barbie goodie bag ideas, Barbie candy bags, DIY Barbie party

Design Space Prep

First, download my free SVG files below and upload them to Cricut Design Space.  You can use the SVG file if you want to cut them with vinyl and be able to change the background colors of the design.  Or you can simply upload the PNG file to do a print then cut as is. 

My gift bag from the Dollar Tree is 5.5×8.5, so I sized my Bestie label at 4 inches in width. And I sized my star Thank you label at 2 inches.  If you are using the SVG file, make sure to flatten layers together, then send it to the mat to print and then cut with your Cricut.

Barbie goodie bag ideas, Barbie candy bags, DIY Barbie party

Cut Window in Bag

Next, place your pink gift bag with the folded side down. Trace your 3×5 template on the front bottom center of the bag.  Make sure the top of the template is under the handles where they are attached inside of the bag. 

You have to cut out the window under the string ends so you don’t cut through them.  Place your cardboard protector inside the bag, right behind the front side.  Use the ruler and your blade to score the lines you traced.  Make sure not to cut too deep and risk cutting all the way through the bag.

Barbie Goodie bag ideas

Add Decorations to Front

Use craft glue and add a small amount to the bottom, around the window, then place the Bestie label at an angle going across.  Next, add a small amount of glue to the top left hand side for the thank you label.

Barbie Goodie bag ideas

Add Goodies to Bag

Next, take the clear treat bags and fill it with your candy and treats and drop it into the pink gift bag!  Make as many as you need for your Barbie party! Watch my video tutorial below for more of a detailed instructions.

Dollar Tree Barbie Ideas

Barbie Box Shaker Cake Topper

Here is a list of supplies you will need to create this Barbie shaker cake topper!

  • Cricut machine
  • Pink Cardstock
  • Green Cardstock
  • White Cardstock
  • Pink Glitter Cardstock
  • Silver Glitter Cardstock
  • Acetate
  • White Vinyl
  • Transfer Tape
  • Foam tape / Foam Sqaures / Mirco Dots
  • Craft Glue
  • Popsicle stick
barbie cake topper

Design Space Setup

First, upload the SVG file type to Cricut Design Space.  Resize the SVG to the desired size of your cake topper.  Next, ungroup the SVG file and select the HAPPY and STAR layers and flatten them together, to create this as a print then cut.

Barbie shaker cake topper, Barbie free svg

Next, use the text tool to type out the number of the birthday.  Make sure it fits in the window of the Barbie box.  With the number suffix smaller to place on top of the box frame.

Barbie shaker cake topper, Barbie free svg

After, type out the birthday name using the Barbie Font, and size it to fit inside the white banner.  Change the color to pink and click attach to have it cut as one piece.  Then you are ready to click Make It! Make sure to cut on the appropriate settings for your material.

Barbie shaker cake topper, Barbie free svg

Assemble Cake Topper

Now, you can begin to assemble the cake topper started with the 3 bottom layers.  Stack them with foam squares with the wider offset at the bottom.  Next, layer the two smaller arches with craft glue.  Then add the small arch to the right side of the cake topper.

Barbie Cake Topper, layered cake topper, Cricut cake topper

Move on to the palm trees and layer them together with micro foam dots and place the bottom pink sand on with glue.  Place glue on the back of the palm trees and place over the small striped arch.

I used cardstock for my daughter’s name and before taking it off the mat, I used Contact brand transparent transfer sheet to pick up off them mat.  This way I didn’t have to place each letter by hand.  I placed glue on the back of my cardstock letters and stick it onto the white banner.  I let it dry for a couple of minutes before I removed my transfer sheet.  This brand doesn’t rip your cardstock when removing.

Barbie Cake Topper, layered cake topper, Cricut cake topper

Next. place your vinyl birthday decal over the front of the Barbie box frame, inside the offset. Flip it over and apply glue on the back of the frame and place your acetate sheet over to make the window.

Barbie Cake Topper, layered cake topper, Cricut cake topper

For the back of the Barbie box, line the pink rectangle with foam tape, and glue the number to the center of the rectangle.  Next, add on your glitter and sequence inside the foam tape edges. Then place the Barbie box cover on top to seal it in.  Now you can add the suffix and happy star label to the front of the shaker.

Barbie Cake Topper, layered cake topper, Cricut cake topper

Lastly, apply glue to the back bottom corner of the the shaker, and place it at an angle over the small arch on the left.  Add the popsicle stick in between the layers with glue.

Barbie Cake Topper, layered cake topper, Cricut cake topper

Now, you have your completed Barbie shaker cake topper.  You can change this Barbie cake topper up and add a picture of the birthday girl inside the shaker! Get as creative as you want with this one!  Watch my video tutorial for below for more details.

Shaker Cake Topper free svg cricut project

DIY Barbie Box Prop Backdrop

Here are the supplies you will need to create your Barbie Box kid-sized prop.

  • 30×52 inch cardboard
  • two 20×30 foam boards
  • 30×40 foam board
  • Duct tape
  • Pink wrapping paper
  • White cardstock or Vinyl
  • Pink cardstock
  • Box cutting

Wrap Arches

For my backdrop I am reusing these old party arches made from installation foam boards from Home Depot.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a tutorial on how to make these, but I found it easier and less expensive to cover them with wrapping paper instead of painting them.  I was able to makeover these 2 arches for less than $5.

Barbie photo back drop

DIY Barbie Box Logos

Now, to the DIY Barbie box prop! I used my Cricut machine to cut out the Barbie and Mattel logos, for my box packaging.  I added an age requirement of 6+ to the box since my daughter was turning six years old. 

I measured the front of my box to size the logos in Design Space.  My front piece of cardboard, which is 30×52 inches, is from my TV packaging, it was a nice piece of cardboard that I am glad I saved!  If you can’t find a piece of cardboard that big, you can tape foam boards together.

DIY Barbie party decorations, DIY easy Barbie box

Make Box Frame

I made my Barbie logo about 22 inches long to fit across my 30 inch wide box.  I placed the letter down directly on the cardboard to see how I wanted it laid out.  Then I drew an offset over the top of the letters only to know where I’m going to cut along the bottom of my frame.  Then on the top and side a drew a straight line to create the frame.  Next, I took my box cutter and cut out the window frame.

Next, I cut the 30×40 foam board in half to make two 15×40 pieces, and tape them on each side of the frame.  I cut two small squares out of the 20×30 foam boards to make the top of the box and to complete the sides of the box as well.  Please watch my video tutorial below for more details.

Once you have the sides and top taped to the frame you can wrap each piece with pink wrapping paper, using clear tape.

DIY easy Barbie box

Lastly, I wrapped the front of the box with pink wrapping paper and glued down the Barbie packaging logos. And ta-da you have a kid size Barbie box prop!

I also added more decorations to the arches to complete the Barbie style backdrop.  I used daisy balloons from Amazon and cut out some tropical leaves from my Hawaiian Hibiscus Bundle, and added them to the small arch.  I added my daughters name to the big arch using the Barbie font.

DIY easy Barbie box, DIY Barbie Decorations

I made this box foldable for easy transportation and storage, by only taping down three sides of the box.  You can take this concept and resize it to your own preference!

DIY easy Barbie Box

I hope you enjoyed my Barbie party decorations ideas! Let me know if you plan on doing a Barbie party too! Scroll down to grab my free Barbie cake topper and goodie bag SVG files!

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Barbie Cake Topper and Goodie Bag Free SVG Cut File

Free Barbie SVG, Barbie Cake Topper SVG, Bestie SVG
Free Barbie SVG Cut File, Barbie cake topper, DIY Barbie Party

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