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ginaccreates q&a



How do I download your SVG files from my computer?
Scroll down to bottom of post and find the PINK download button.  See video for instructions:

How do I download your SVG files from an iPad?
Scroll down to bottom of post and find the PINK download button.  See video for instructions:

Download error: If you are connecting from a third party, like (Facebook, Pinterest, etc.) the download will not complete.  Open link outside the app, in a new web browser directly from the internet and try to download again. My download button is pink! It is best not to link from apps, open up a web browser and type in then download.

I can’t find the SVG in your download, why can’t I see it?

The SVG file type might not show up on some computers, but I can guarantee it is in there.  It just might look different, like an internet browser icon, depending which internet you have installed on your computer.  This happens because your computer doesn’t have an appropriate program to read the SVG file type.

SVG file type

With Google Chrome it might even change the SVG file type to a Chrome HTML Doc. This is fine and it will still work as an SVG once uploaded to Design Space, etc.

svg file type changed to html

Open up Design Space and click upload > browse > find folder and the SVG file type will show up or it may have an internet/Chrome icon. This is the SVG and will work as one.

svg file type changed to html

How do I get separate layers in Design Space?
You MUST upload the SVG file type for layers. Ungroup to select each layer.

Why can’t I preview or open the SVG file type?
In the folder window or viewing the contents in the download folder, the SVG will not have a preview of the design, it will most likely show an internet icon.  Double clicking on the SVG file to open it will NOT work. It will take you to an internet browser window.  You must open your design program like Design Space to view design.

How do I upload an SVG to Design Space?
After you downloaded the ZIP folder, extract all files and save to a new folder. (see video above). Open up Design Space and click New Project > Upload > Upload image > Browse then select the SVG file type and save!

Why can’t I ungroup your SVG in Design Space?
If you can’t ungroup a design you might have uploaded the PNG file, which is an image(picture). If it asked you what type image is it, and had you clean it up, then you uploaded the PNG which will NOT give you layers. Select the SVG file type for layers!

Legal Use of Designs

Can I sell items with your free SVG design?
You can not, ONLY if you purchase my Commercial License for said design.  Each download will need its own license if you wish to use my design on your products.

How can I get a license to sell physical products with your free SVG design?
Find my Commercial License HERE. Please read listing before purchasing.

Can I use your free download files for digital products?
NO! Absolutely no digital products of any kind!

Can I share my free files with my friends/family? 
You can not share your downloaded files with anyone.  You MAY however link them to my post where you downloaded the files. They must download the files themselves from my website.

What can I do with your free SVG download?
You may use my free SVG design to make physical items for yourself, or as a gift for some else.  Apply to mugs, shirts, tumblers, key chains, etc.

What if I have a question that is not listed here?

Please contact HERE , and send me a personal email with your DETAILED question.