Father’s Day Free SVG Collection

free father's day SVG allstar dad SVG

Father’s Day Free SVG Collection – 3D All-star Dad SVG

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father's day free svg
It’s that time again, we have an awesome collection of free SVG files for you!  This months theme is Father’s Day Cut files!  So no matter what type of Dad you have, I’m sure you can find a fun cut file to make for Father’s Day!  Check out all these great designs, find links to them at the end of this post.
In this post not only am I sharing all these Father’s Day SVG files with you, I’m going to show you how to make my 3D All-Star Dad design.  You can use this cut file as a card, cake topper or add it to a shadow box for a keepsake!

father's day free svg
Supplies need: 


In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to add your own family picture to personalize this for your Father’s Day gift!  You will need a printer and cardstock for print and cut.  Scroll down to the bottom of this post and click the pink download button to get the free file.
Once you have the zip folder downloaded, please EXTRACT all files to a new folder.  Now you can open up Design Space and upload the .svg. If you need help locating the SVg file type, please read my Q & A Page
After you uploaded the SVG file, upload a picture of your choice.  Resize the WIDTH of the SVG design to 6 inches. Next resize your picture to 5 inches or to the width of the ball.  However this is your project so you can change the size to whatever you like.
Please note if using Design Space, the SVG file no longer uploads the correct size. You must resize yourself. 

free father's day SVG allstar dad SVG


After you resized the SVG file, you can ungroup it to select the white pieces of the baseball. And ungroup that as well.
free father's day SVG allstar dad SVG


Select your family picture layer, right-click and send to back.  now place your middle white piece of the baseball and place it over your picture.  Select the family picture and the middle white baseball layer and slice those two layers.  Then delete scraps.
free father's day SVG allstar dad SVG


Now your canvas is ready to cut, click make it.  The family picture will be a print and cut.  I printed on regular cardstock, changed my printer setting to plain paper and quality high.  I set my dial to cut on CARDSTOCK+ setting.
free father's day SVG allstar dad SVG


Here are all the layers cut out, there is a total of 5 layers.
free father's day SVG allstar dad SVG


To layer this together I used foam tape squares on the back sides.  I started with the 3 glove layers.  I layered 2 foam tapes on top of each other to give it more depth.
free father's day SVG allstar dad SVG


Next, I assemble the baseball together, which is 2 layers.  I only used one layer of foam tape for this.  Then you can add it to the glove.
free father's day SVG allstar dad SVG


Lastly, I used craft glue to attach the All-star Dad letters and glove X’s.  Now you are done! and you can display it how ever you like! Time to get creative!
free father's day SVG allstar dad SVG


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial of my 3D All-star Dad design! Thanks for visiting my page, don’t forget to visit the links below to grab more free Father’s Day designs.
free father's day SVG allstar dad SVG

free father's day SVG allstar dad SVG



This is a Forever Free File – LOGIN then click the pink download button!

Free Father’s Day SVG Collection!

father's day free svg

free father's day SVG allstar dad SVG

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3 Responses to “Father’s Day Free SVG Collection

  • LOOOOVE this! So much!

  • Stephenie Stanovich
    2 years ago

    when I downloaded it, It doesn’t give me a svg file. It has a DXF file, a Encapsulated Post Script file, a PNG file, and a Microsoft Edge html document. How do I get the svg?

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