How to make a Peony Paper Flower | Tutorial

how to make a paper flower peony with cricut

How to make a Peony Paper Flower | Tutorial

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I absolutely love Peonies, and since my Paper Flower Templates were such a hit, I decided to create one of my favorite flower too! I designed two versions, a 6 inch Peony and a 16 inch Giant Peony. Today, I will be showing how to make my 6 inch Peony.

Supplies needed:

  • Cricut Explore Air Machine
  • 6 inch Peony Flower SVG
  • 8.5×11 Colored Card Stock (Recollections from Michael’s)
    • 1 dark pink (2 skinny star)
    • 1 medium dark pink (1 thick star)
    • 1 pink (5 small petals)
    • 2 light pink (5 big petals)
    • 1 yellow (center strip)
  • Smooth Pen
  • Glue gun/glue sticks

My Peony Paper Flower SVG, is pre-sized and ready to make! The final size flower will be 6 inches wide. You may scale down to fit your needs.  

For Peonies, I like to use 4 different shades of one color to give it that realistic look! For the two skinny petals, I used the darkest shade then with outside layers I went lighter. (I colored coded the SVG as well, so all you need is your 4 shades of card stocks ready-to-go).

how to make a paper flower peonyhow to curl a paper flower petalhow to make a paper flower peony

After you cut out all your flower petals, start with the 2 darkest skinny star shapes and curl inward with your pen. Fold petals upward at the center.



how to curl a paper flower petalhow to make a paper flower peonyhow to curl a paper flower petal

Do the same to the thicker star shape. Next, curl all 10 of the single petals and cut a slit like image shown above.


peony paper flower petalshow to curve a paper flower petalpeony center tutorial cricut crafts

Once all 10 petals are curled, use your glue gun to overlap each slit like image above. Do  this to all 10 single petals.  Next, roll your yellow center strip, and glue it to stay in place, then bend the top outward.


how to assemble a peony paper flowerhow to make a paper flower peonyhow to make a paper flower peony

Now, we are ready to assemble the Peony flower.  We are going to start with the center and go outward.  Use your glue gun to apply hot glue to the bottom of your yellow piece, then place it to the center of your skinny star shape. Place the 2nd skinny star shape underneath and attach with glue.  Flip over center and apply glue and center it to your thick star shape.

Next you are going to place 5 small petals all the way around center pieces. Do the same with the next layer, using the big petals.  Refer to the bottom of the flower image to see how I applied.

Now you have your finished Peony! Isn’t it gorgeous??

paper flower peony with gina c creates

Thanks so much for visiting! I hope you download my new Peony Templates, and enjoyed my little tutorial!

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how to make a paper flower peony

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  • Hello!
    Thank you for your generosity!! I want to make all of the files! You are so talented and very sweet to share them.
    Can’t wait to start! Thank you!


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