Free SVG Cut File | Faith Crosses plus Jesus Cross

faith cross, jesus cross free svg

Free SVG Cut File | Faith Crosses plus Jesus CrossCricut is Easy as 123

Hello Crafters! I have had so many request for a FAITH cross, since my first hand-drawn crosses were a hit. So, here you go! Not only do you get one but TWO different hand written FAITH cross designs.

Also included is another version of a JESUS cross. I got a little carried away when writing, I wanted to keep making different styles!

I hope you enjoy these and make awesome things for yourself!

jesus cross svg, faith cross svg



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15 Responses to “Free SVG Cut File | Faith Crosses plus Jesus Cross

  • marlene martin
    5 years ago

    says corrupt file

    • Hello Marlene. I just downloaded it to check and it seems to be just file. The file is not corrupted. I’m sorry your getting that pop up, I have noticed other people get a warning sign saying it might contain a virus, but its was beause peoples computer or device had an anti virus protection, since my website is fairly new it finds it to be an unknown know source. I assure you the files are in working condition. Please continue with download and unzip the folder to access the files. Let me know if you need more help.

  • I downloaded your 2 Faith crosses. Thanks- they are beautiful – But when I put it in Design Space BOTH crosses are showing up together as “one file” I cannot ungroup them or unattach them. I only want to cut ONE? Can you help how I would do this?

    • You must have uploaded the PNG file if you can’t ungroup. Try uploading the SVG file type with that you can ungroup.
      To do it with the PNG file you can over lay a sqaure shape over the entire cross and slice.

  • These are the the cutest printables for my planner. Thank you so much.


  • Pat Brudeseth
    3 years ago

    Hello, when I try to get this fine in SVG, it doesn’t show up. I only get PDF, DXF, EPS, and PNG. How can I get the SVG?

    • The SVG is in there as the internet icon. Try opening up a compatible program/software like DesignSpace first, then upload and view folder and you show be able to view it from there.

  • Susan Olmo
    3 years ago

    I had the same problem with the download. Thank you for the help on the PNG file you can over lay a square shape over the entire cross and slice. I have one question. When I went to make it on Cricut, the word was in a box. Will this box transfer to the design when I make it on my Cricut? The box is not visible on the canvas only when I previewed it. Thanking you for your help in advance.

    • If you like send me a private email and I can help you further. There shouldn’t be a box around it. It might be coming from the square you sliced over it. The best way to cut is to use the SVG file type and ungroup. PNG files are mainly for print and cut feature. Try it with the SVG.

  • It will not let me download the files, could you email me the file?

  • Norma Barrera
    3 years ago

    Hello i am going to surprise my sister with this Faith shirt i am new to this so i hope it works out for me Thank You ……..norma

  • Kim & Grant Gibson
    2 years ago

    Thank you!

  • Love them! Thank you!!

  • Kimberly D Hawthorne
    2 years ago

    Great files… Thank you!!

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