Easy DIY Heart Wreath for Valentine’s Day

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Note: This post may contain affiliate links. I make a small commission on any purchase you make, with no extra cost to you!

Cricut paper wreath project

Easy DIY Heart Wreath for Valentine’s Day | with Free SVG Cut File

(Note: This post may contain affiliate links. I make a small commission on any purchase you make, with no extra cost to you)!

Welcome back to Gina C. Creates, where I share my crafting projects with my fellow crafters! Today, I have this gorgeous Paper Heart Wreath for Valentine’s day! I love decorating for Valentine’s day! I’m pretty sure it’s because of all the pink home decor you can find in the stores.  I love pink so much I painted my front door pink and I absolutely love how it came out.  And this Gold Heart Wreath looks amazing on it!

I made this Valentine’s day wreath with my Gold Leaf SVG cut file and a Heart-Shaped Metal Wreath from Dollar Tree.  You can download that for free at the bottom of this post when you login to your account.  This is super easy to make with your Cricut, and it comes out looking like $30 bucks!

Here are a few Supplies you will need to get started:

diy Paper wreath for Valentine's day


Below you will find my full Cricut tutorial video on how to make this Valentine’s day Heart Wreath. The gold leaf SVG is sized at 6 inches in height. You will be able to fit 4 leaves on one 8.5×11 page. I use the scoring stylus to add texture/emboss veins on the leaf. This works great when your cardstock is 65lbs in weight. Anything thinner, I believe the scoring stylus might rip the page, so make sure it’s 65lb foil cardstock.

Gold leafs free svg, cricut tutorial


You can use my gold leaf SVG to make other things as well.  Try it on a circle wreath ring and keep it up all year long. Make the leaves smaller or bigger and use them to decorate with paper flower templates.  This single SVG really can be used in many different ways.

I used a total of 3 pages of cardstock to make this wreath, which comes out to 12 leaves in all. I recommend cutting out another sheet or just one leaf so you can fill in any gaps with a single leaf. You would cut off the leaves from the steam and place them where needed.

Valentine's day free svg, gold heart wreath


At first, I made this gold heart wreath without any flowers, I loved how simple and elegant it looked! I placed it all over my house because I didn’t know where I liked it best. I tired it on a few mirrors, in my kitchen and ultimately on my front door.

Heart Wreath idea, gold leaf wreath


In the end, I decided I want to add a little color to my gold wreath.  And these Felt Roses from the dollar tree were perfect! I just love the way it came out! I can’t believe it’s cardstock! I hope you guys love this Valentine’s Cricut Project! You can watch the full video tutorial below. Grab the gold leaf SVG at the end of this post using the pink download button.

Rose wreath for Valentine's Day

I can’t wait to see how you make this!! There’s so many cardstock and color choices to choose from! Make sure to share your finished project in my Facebook Group! or Tag me on Instagram @ginaccreates.

Gold wreath, Gold heart paper wreath DIY

Watch Full Tutorial Video Below!

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paper flower wreath DIY

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