Hawaiian Paper Flower | Template & SVG

free Hawaiian Paper flower SVG and template

Hawaiian Paper Flower | Template & SVG

Welcome my newest Paper flower Template, the Hawaiian Paper Flower Bundle.  Having a Lula party this summer? Don’t forget these gorgeous Hawaiian hibiscus, plumeria and two types of leaves!

I will give you a quick run through on how to assemble the hibiscus and plumeria Hawaiian flowers! 🙂

Cut the hibiscus petals, and cut a slit at the bottom of each petal about 2 inches up. Then over lap the slits and glue. Next, glue all petals like image below.

free Hawaiian Paper flower SVG and template

Cut two center pieces and glue to middle of flower.

hibiscus paper flower tutorial

Cut the plumeria petals and color bottom like image below with a yellow marker. Then over lap slits and glue.

Hawaiian plumeria paper flower tutorial

Add glue to left side of petals to assemble plumeria flower.

Hawaiian plumeria paper flower tutorial

Finished Bundle! Feelin’ tropical already!

free Hawaiian Paper flower SVG and template

(Large hibiscus flower not pictured)

free Hawaiian Paper flower SVG and template


Darn! This SVG is no longer Free! You can find it in my Shop!

15 Responses to “Hawaiian Paper Flower | Template & SVG

  • KimcheeMomma
    4 years ago

    I have been searching everywhere for tropical flowers for free. Thank you so much!!!

  • Renee Medri
    4 years ago

    I’m having problems. I can get the basic hibiscus flower but all the center pieces don’t download

    • They come as a cut file SVG or PNG, I currently dont have it as a printable PDF template in the bundle

  • How can I get the center pieces and the leaves?


  • Angelique
    3 years ago

    Hello i can’t find the pdf free download for the hibiscus flowers and leaves. Please help

    • The Free PDF is within the download zip folder. Just Click the pink download bottom. Hover the centerpieces are only available as an SVG file at this time. Please email me if you need more help. Thanks

  • Awesome. Thank you for this bundle, I get to make my daughter’s tropical birthday party come alive. Thank you so much!

  • Carrie Aleman
    3 years ago

    We needed them for my moms party first time making them thank you so much!!!!

  • Martine
    3 years ago

    Thanks for the bundle! Needed more tropical flower for project! Thanks.

  • Getting ready to make some flowers for my three granddaughters’ luau party. These will be perfect! Thank you.

  • Sandra
    1 year ago

    What paper did you use for these? Thanks!

  • Melissa
    1 year ago

    i see the file is no longer free (bummer) but your link to purchase doesnt work. would really like to incorporate these in a party coming up this weekend.

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