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I’m excited to be writing this blog! I have procrastinated for too long, daydreaming of what my website & blog could be about and how I can share my creative side with other fellow craft-ers.

In this blog you will find crafts, designs, parties decorations and DIY tutorials.  I have been designing since my early teen years and have collected so many project and ideas, I decided to share them with people who love to create thing just as much as I do.  you can read more about me HERE.

I have made my designs available to the everyday crafty-mom and small handmade business owners.  I know how time consuming projects can take when making them from scratch, but I’m here to help you the design files that are ready to create! All you have to do is download and start crafting!

I hope you enjoy my designs & downloads and start crafting today!

Hey there! Nice of you to stop by, let's chat by leaving me a comment:

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