How to DIY Sticker Labels at Home with MUNBYN

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MUNBYN AirPrint Thermal Label Printer, RealWriter 401

Are you looking on how to DIY sticker labels at home? Then you have come to the right place, the Munbyn RealWriter 401 AirPrint label printer will do just that! Add a touch of personalization and branding to your craft projects or handmade business with custom labels. This post will guide you on creating personalized sticker labels with Munbyn Print App and thermal sticker labels. I’ll share the versatility and convenience of the Munbyn RealWriter 401 AirPrint!

I just started using this wireless label printer for my small crafting business, and I am so addicted to making sticker labels. I was able to create a dozen shirt care labels in the matter of seconds, without using ink or Cricut cutting machine! It prints fast with 150mm/s, 1 label per second.

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What is a thermal label printer?

A thermal label printer is a type of printer that uses heat to transfer a design onto paper or labels. Thermal labels must be use for heat transfer to be successful, because it uses a heat-sensitive material that blackens when printed. Although, a thermal printer can only print in black, it is cost-effective saving money on inks and tone.

Munbyn Printer Connects via Wifi

The Munbyn RealWriter 401 AirPrint can print via WiFi, which eliminates the need for physical cables, providing greater flexibility in printer placement within your craft room. Unlike Bluetooth and USB connection, you are able to print from a remote location as long as your device and printer are connected to the same WiFi Network. However, you can still connect via USB for offline printing!

How to Connect Munbyn Printer

  1. Download the Munbyn App. (Compatible for Apple and Android devices).
  2. Configure printer WiFi settings by opening up the Munbyn app and select printer type.
  3. With Bluetooth enabled, connect your printer to the same WiFi network as your device and click “Determine”.
  4. A pop-up will load if setup is successful.

label printers for Mac

DIY Sticker Label on Munbyn Print App

The Munbyn RealWriter 401 AirPrint allows you to design custom labels using their Munbyn Print App using your phone or iPad. I was able to create a cute “Handmade just for you!” label on my iPad using their text tool and icon graphics. I was able to personalize it with my signature logo by uploading a black PNG image and create a dozen DIY sticker labels just under a minute!

label printers for iPad

How to Use Munbyn Print App

  1. Open App on your device.
  2. Click Create, then click Custom Create.
  3. Select Label Type: Gap or Black.
  4. Select Label Shape: Rect or Arc
  5. Then set the size of label you are using, then click Create.
  6. Customize your label with texts, icons and illustrations.
  7. Once done, click Print and select how many copies and print!

The app also comes with many different designs and sticker templates you can use, to make DIY sticker labels in a variety of sizes, such as 2.25″x1.25″,2″x2″, 3″x3″ and 4″x6″ prefect for shipping labels.

Munbyn Thermal Labels

I created shirt care labels for my craft business, using these thermal sticker labels and one of their Thank You Templates. These thermal sticker labels come in different colors and two different sizes: 2″x2″ and 2.25″x1.25″.

It was so simple to edit the template and add my shirt care instructions. I was amazed on how crisp and clean these DIY sticker labels printed in a matter of seconds!

DIY Shirt Care Labels

Munbyn also offers these personalized sticker labels available in all types of materials and sizes! Perfect for a custom touch to any handmade gift or handmade business packaging.

personalized sticker labels DIY

Using DIY Sticker Labels for Cricut Business

These label printers for Mac, iPad and phone devices will make a great addition to your Cricut/crafting business by saving you time and money!

The fast printing speed of 150mm/s ensures quick production of labels, ideal for labeling handmade projects, packaging products, and organizing crafting supplies. Its ability to print labels of different sizes, including 4×6 labels, caters to a variety of crafting needs, from adding branding labels to creating shipping labels for finished products.

With it’s thermal printing, there are no cost to replacing inks and toners like with regular home printers. Which allows you to invest your money back into your crafting business!

Crafting Business Labels

Have your product care labels ready to go, to add to your packaging! Create product care labels like:

  • Shirt Care Labels
  • Tumbler Cup Care Labels
  • Fragile Labels
  • Do Not Bend Labels

Complete your packaging with adding a touch of your small business branding, such as:

  • Handmade Labels
  • Logo Labels
  • Thank You Labels!
  • Customer Message Labels

All easy to create with the Munbyn Print App!

DIY Cute Sticker Labels for Cricut Business

DIY Sticker Labels at Home

As someone who has recently integrated this wireless label printer into my small crafting business, I can attest to its addictiveness in creating stunning sticker labels. The speed at which it prints, 1 label per second, is remarkable. Furthermore, the printer’s thermal technology not only saves money on inks and toners but also ensures that your labels come out crisp and clean every time.

The Munbyn RealWriter 401 AirPrint’s WiFi connectivity adds another layer of convenience, allowing for flexible placement within your craft room and enabling printing from remote locations as long as your device and printer are on the same WiFi network. Whether you’re creating shirt care labels, packaging labels, or custom stickers for gifts, this printer, with its Munbyn Print App and thermal label capabilities, is a game-changer for any crafting business.

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How to DIY Sticker Labels at Home

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