Standard Bow | Free Template & Cut Files

standard hair bow free svg

Standard Bow | Free Template & Cut Files

faux leather, glitter canvas hair bows

UPDATE: Check out my Hair Bow Tutorial!!!

All bows are pre-sized and ready to cut, no need to resize. 

Standard bow final sizes are: 

  • SMALL 2 inches
  • MEDUIM 3 inches
  • LARGE 4 inches | back piece 6 inches

faux leather diy hair bow template




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37 Responses to “Standard Bow | Free Template & Cut Files

  • so if I want a large size bow I cut it at 4.5?

    • Theses are all pre sized. No need to resize. The large will cut larger than 4.5in. When you fold it and glue it together the final size will be 4.5in. This is the same for all my bow templates.

    • Sorry all my sizes are for the finished final bow.
      When you upload the svg, the large bow is black with out resizing simply hit make it button.

  • I wasn’t able to download this file either. I got the same failure message as the butterfly bow.

    • When you connect from Facebook, they wont let you complete download. You must open in a new web internet browser

  • What material do you use to make these bows?

  • Maressa
    4 years ago

    Once I cut are there directions on how to assemble??

  • The link to download the template doesn’t work, any suggestions!? I’ve read the comments and tried opening a new tab and still nothing.

  • I cannot download the template I need help I already pinned it

    • Sorry for the inconvenience, what happens after you click the download button? Or what’s the error message? I just check the download button seem to be working.

  • Hi I love ur templetes…. I was wondering where do u get ur material from … I love the leather mermaid… thanksalma

  • I am so excited that I found you. You have a new follower on Pinterest. If I buy the mermaid faux leather, How many bows will I get approximately? My Granddaughter is going to be so excited

    • Thank you so much. I’m not too sure, it all depends on the size you make the bow and how much fabric you buy and how you arrange them on the mat. Good luck! And Happy Crafting!

  • Vanessa Ichaso
    4 years ago

    Hello. I am trying to download the template as a svg file but for some reason it keeps going to my Microsoft Word (i’m not on facebook) then giving me an error message.
    I am not super computer savy, but do i have to do something different than just click “download”? I am new to svg files. I purchased glitter faux leather instead of glitter vinyl and I thought making bows with the material would be super cute. help. lol

    • Hello, a zip folder will automatically download. Don’t try to open it just save it to your computer. Then find the zip folder where every you saved it and unzip the folder. Inside the folder will be 4 different files. Upload the SVG to design space.

  • The bow upload to be 22 inches

    • Did you upload the SVG file or the PNG file. ? Try using the SVG file. PNG files don not hold the size after you clean it up.

  • Sarah W Myers
    3 years ago

    I downloaded the file and when I open it on my computer there is no svg file. Am I doing something wrong?

    • hello, were you able to extract all files? there should be 4 art files and 3 PDF files, including the SVG. How many files do you have?

  • Hi! I just got the faux leather at hobby lobby and have a Cricut Maker . Do you know what mat and blade would work best to cut the bow? Thank you!!

    • Hello, I use my Explore Air, and use the strong grip mat or a brand new green mat with the regular blade. I tried with the deep cut blade and it pulls it off the mat.

  • Hi..I cant seem to find your mermaid tail template. Was it taken down?

  • ELLA Smith
    3 years ago

    Could I make this bow with a soft hair tie for ponytails instead of a clip? I wanted to make some for my daughters soccer team, but they can not have metal clips when playing as it is considered unsafe.

    Thank you.

    • I’m sure you can if you make the center strap longer to wrap around the hair tie.

  • Thank you so much for the bows template!

  • where do you get the headbands from 🙂

  • Heather
    3 years ago

    I downloaded the svg for the three cuts, when it uploads to Cricut design space the large bows dimensions are less than 2” wide. The smallest is less than an inch.

  • jed mina
    2 years ago

    Thanks a lot for this Gina, perfect for Christmas gift. I still have lits of time to make these bows. Hoping for more designs ❤️

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