DIY Cupcake Gift Card Holder Free Birthday SVG Files

diy birthday gift card holder cupcake free svg

DIY Cupcake Gift Card Holder Free Birthday SVG Cut Files

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Looking for some fun Free Birthday SVG Cut files?  Well you’re in luck! Here is another amazing themed collection of free SVG files from me and my crafting buddies!  To grab some of these free birthday SVG Files just scroll down to the bottom of this post and visit each link to download their free files!

birthday party svg cut files

My Free Birthday cut file is a Cupcake Gift Card Holder SVG! Make it out of cardstock and craft glue! This cupcake gift card holder is great for any party!  Simply change the colors to match any party theme! Fits any standard gift cards that are 2.125″x3.375″. It will also hold folded cash, small picture or write a cute note!

diy birthday gift card holder cupcake free svg

I’m going to show you how to make this with your Cricut machine using Design Space. In the download, you will find the SVG file, you will want to use this file because it saves all the shapes on separate layers. If you need help finding the SVG file on your computer, please read through my Q&A Troubleshoot Page! I have many helpful tips on that page.

Here is a list of supplies you will need:

  • Cricut Machine
  • Free SVG-Cupcake Gift Card Holder
  • Cardstock (8.5×11 Recollections 65lb)
  • Craft glue/hot glue

Download my Free Birthday Cupcake SVG, at the end of this post, and upload the SVG file type to Design Space. The SVG file will have you save it as a cut image, it will NOT ask you to save as a print and cut image. If it does you might be uploading the wrong file.

Once you have it uploaded, insert it into your canvas, and make sure it’s height is 6”. Sometimes Design space will not upload an outside SVG the correct size, so you must resize it!

diy birthday gift card holder cupcake free svg

Ungroup the SVG, then select the next group, the bottom of the cupcake with 3 line on it, then ungroup again.  Select the 3 lines and change the operation from cut to score.

diy birthday gift card holder cupcake free svg

Select the 3 score lines and the bottom cupcake layer and click attach.

birthday cupcake free svg

Make sure to cut on Cardstock +. I also use painters tape to hold my cardstock in place.

diy birthday gift card holder cupcake free svg

Finish cutting out all your shapes, you should have all these pieces shown below.

diy birthday gift card holder cupcake free svg

If you don’t have a scoring stylus for your Cricut you can score the tabs with a ruler and sharp tip.  Line up the ruler to the edge of the tabs and make a line.

diy birthday gift card holder cupcake free svg

Then fold along each line.

diy birthday gift card holder cupcake free svg

Layer the two bottom cupcake pieces without tabs on top of each other using craft glue.  Then apply a thin line of glue to the back pieces of the tabs. Now place the top piece with the back and let dry.

birthday cupcake free svg

Glue the top icing over the offset icing and apply the sprinkles with tweezers and glue.

birthday cupcake free svg

Now this is important! The icing with the gift card sleeve, place a line of glue on the top edges of the icing only.  Do not apply glue to the middle or along the bottom of the icing, because that will close up the icing top and your going to want to act like a pocket.

Now lay the top icing with sprinkles on the back icing with the sleeve.

diy birthday gift card holder cupcake free svg

Let it dry for 30 to 45 mins, then you can place your gift card inside the top icing part, then tuck it into the bottom cupcake wrapper. This will hold the whole cupcake together!

birthday cupcake free svg

I hope your excited to make this, cupcake gift card holder, for your next birthday gift! Who wouldn’t love this?!

free birthday cupcake svg, gift card holder svg


birthday gift card holder cupcake free svg



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20 free birthday svg cut files

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3 Responses to “DIY Cupcake Gift Card Holder Free Birthday SVG Files

  • OKKKAYYY! This is just adorable 🙂 Change up the colors and it could work for Christmas or Easter or any other holiday too! 🙂

  • kait toohey
    8 months ago

    It came out sooooo cute! I chose shiny gold for the sprinkles, striped paper for the liner, and shades of purple for everything else and it came out perfect for my best friend’s birthday gift! Thank you so much for the awesome file and tutorial 🙂

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